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About Us

North Dakota Paint Horse Club is a affiliated club with the American Paint Horse Association, Inc. that the home office is in Ft. Worth TX. Our boundary is the state of North Dakota.

The North Dakota Paint Horse Club is a non profit organization whose objective is to promote an active interest in Paint Horses, be an affiliate of the “The American Paint Horse Association, and to show Paint Horses. The club sponsors a variety of activities, including horse shows, trail rides, and fun social events. The club’s Board of Directors consists of the officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and five elected directors. The club also has a National Director and an Alternate to represent the club to the APHA.


Our Mission

  • Promotes breeding, raising, riding, and showing American Paint Horses
  • Is a non-profit organization
  • Is an affiliate of the American Paint Horse Association headquartered in Fort Worth, TX
  • Promotes a family atmosphere by conducting family orientated functions such as horse shows, trail rides, horse clinics, picnics, and family fun
  • Offers halter, performance, and speed event classes for everyone age six to 100 in youth, novice amateur, amateur, and open divisions


The Paint

The American Paint Horse’s combination of color and conformation has made the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) the second-largest breed registry in the United States based on the number of horses registered annually. While the colorful coat pattern is essential to the identity of the breed, American Paint Horses have strict bloodline requirements and a distinctive stock-horse body type. To be eligible for registry, a Paint’s sire and dam must be registered with the American Paint Horse Association, the American Quarter Horse Association, or the Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds). To be eligible for the Regular Registry, the horse must also exhibit a minimum amount of white hair over unpigmented (pink) skin.

Each Paint Horse has a particular combination of white and any color of the equine spectrum: black, bay, brown, chestnut, dun, grullo, sorrel, palomino, buckskin, gray or roan. Markings can be any shape or size (2 inches in any shape), and located virtually anywhere on the Paint’s body. Although Paints come in a variety of colors with different markings, there are only three specific coat patterns: overo, tobiano and tovero. These colors, markings and patterns, combined with stock-type conformation, athletic ability and agreeable disposition, make the American Paint Horse an investment in quality. (APHA.com)

If you are searching for your first Paint, the NDPHC is a great place to start.



Contact Us

For all inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our President Ezra Aberle.

Email: eaberle@daktel.com
Phone: 701-650-8881

c/o Ezra Aberle

7315 7th St. NE

Carrington, ND 58421

If you want anything added or posted on our website, please contact Erin. Any and all suggestions are welcome.